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Indigenous Participants

Services that are created by and for Indigenous peoples are important. Below, you’ll find some resources that can help you if you identify as Indigenous.


Brantford Native Housing

Brantford Native Housing helps those who identify as Indigenous find housing. For more information, visit or call 519-756-2205.

Address: 318 Colborne Street East, Brantford

Brantford Native Housing Refrigerator Door Manual

A manual to help Indigenous peoples dealing with abuse in the home. Visit to see the manual.

De dw a de dehs nye>s AboriginalHealth Centre

A Health Centre designed to meet the needs of Aboriginal people. Services include seeing a doctor, participation in programs, access to mental health and addiction services, diabetes support, and access to traditional healers. For more information, visit or call 519-752-4340.

Address: 36 King Street, Brantford

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