Housing Services

Affordable housing can feel impossible to find - but it isn’t! These resources are here to help you understand the housing market and help find you a house to make a home.


City of Brantford Housing Service - Finding Housing

The City of Brantford can assist in finding you affordable housing. To learn more, visit https://www.brantford.ca/en/living-here/housing-and-shelter.aspx or call 519-759-3330. 

Address: 220 Colborne Street, Brantford

Cooperative Housing

The City of Brantford has many cooperative housing options:

Applegate Cooperative Homes - call 519-753-1935

Cahiague Cooperative Homes - call 519-753-5911 or visit www.cahiaguecoop.ca

Saorsie Cooperative Homes - call 519-754-0167 or visit homestarts.wixsite.com/saorsie

Wicklow Cooperative Homes of Brantford - call 519-757-1022

Westglen Cooperative Homes of Brantford - call 519-304-0397

Drumlin Cooperative Homes - call 519-752-6629 or visit www3.sympatico.ca/drumlin.coop/