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Day to Day Challenges

Life with kids is never easy, and everyday can feel tough! We’ve found some resources that can help your day a little bit easier.

Kids Can Fly

Kids Can Fly is a program promoting early childhood development. To learn more, visit or call 519-448-1713.

Address: 110 German School Road, Paris

Triple P Brant

Triple P stands for “Positive Parenting Program” which parents can take to learn more about how to raise their children. Contact Brant offers registration for this program. To register, visit or call 519-758-8228.

Address: 643 Park Road North, Brantford

Brantford Food Bank

Offering food options for those who need it. To learn more, visit or call 519-751-4357.

Address: 1100 Clarence Street South, Brantford

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